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i know i didn't do this quite as well as imtheoldmannow


the rules:
1. name your three favorite music group's albums(can be individual

or group)
yes, yes i know "what is an album?" for those not older than dirt like

me-that is CD.
and DWG's don't count – – i don't really think they ever produced an


2. name your three favorite songs from each.
feel free to tell us why, if you would like

3. then, feel free to pick on three of your friends with links to their

sites posted

i will pick people who can do this tag with their eyes closed.


you have no idea how hard this was for me to do… for days i've been

remembering my all time favorite songs to try to decide who to single

out. just like everyone, i have a thousand favorite songs… and

favorite albums.

so finally i just decided to have some fun with it, and devil take the

hindmost. for those who have no idea what i'm talking about…. how

about beethoven's ninth symphony, my favorite things (john

coltrane, brubeck and crew (desmond) "take five", i mean it just goes on and

on… edith pilaf, marlene deitrich, louis armstrong, nina simone,

…everyone i don't want to slight, because i love them…

anyway here are my labored three:

well, the old man used 'the beattles' already… i would have chosen

rubber soul, norwegian wood, michelle,eleanor rigby.

i own the negatives for these rare pictures of elvis in the army. they're probably worth a fortune.

elvis presley:
album: "fifty greatest love songs"

1. always on my mind
2. hounddog
3. love me tender

i love some bjork,
but i chose madonna for popular songs.

album: "ray of light"

1. ray of light
2. frozen
3. little star

i love "trail of broken hearts"
by k.d. lang but i couldn't vote for three on that album.

so from k.d. lang
album: "shadowland"

1. black coffee
2. shadowland
3. i'm down to my last cigarette

*I_ArtMan wipes dripping eyebrows.