all this talk about dentists emboldened me to tell my little tale since it is tres au courant.

i've had these tooth implants for twenty years. they've been a problem for about seven years.

four years ago my lower mandible was infected. my medi-cal doesn't cover implant work, or anything else dental for that matter, so i went to the university of southern california where they have students work on you.

at ucla they gave me a shot of novocaine and some amoxycilan (sp)?, and sent me home. two or three times a year it gets bad and i just deal with it.

on sunday i chomped down too hard on a pumernickel crust and practically screamed out loud with the pain….

i knew from an x-ray that one of the posts which had resided snuggly for many years was already broken. the pumpernickel finished off the whole usefullness of my 'bionic' teeth.

yesterday i went to the clinic. they have a dental department for the poor…
they wouldn't touch implants if i were dying. they would clean my teeth though.
they referred me to the ucla student clinic…

so last night i went to bed in pain again… this morning (wednesday) i woke up at 7, and instinctively explored the offending quadrant with my tongue… it felt a little higher… so i started pushing at it with my tongue… half of it came out of my jaw. so i grabbed it between thumb and forefinger and worked it out. well, most of it. i felt like a wounded animal.

i wanted to go back to sleep but my naughty tongue kept worrying the remaining post… and up it came like log. now it's all gone… no more problem.

why couldn't teeth be made of diamonds?

not very nice to look at. so, for taking you, my generous readers through my ordeal and suffering… i will just append another mulla nasr eddin story with some of you seem to like. so we will end this post with a laugh.