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unbeleivable that live spaces has notified me demanding that i delete the nudes on my site

but they are so confused that they also, at the same time blocked me from doing so… i spent some time trying to communicate with them…. now to hell with them. anything i ever say to microsoft comes back to me in a form letter with arcane instructions about messing with my registry… who can follow those instructions. even when you do it just messes things up worse.

i give up on them.

their email:
SRX1054323560ID – Windows Live Spaces Warning – Action Required (0007artists)
From: Microsoft Customer Support (SPACE.WNLV.WW.00.EN.SYK.MNL.AU.T02.SPT.00.EM@css.one.microsoft.com)
Tue 1/01/08 9:36 PM

Hello i_artman,
We have found images involving nudity on your Space, 0007artists.
Kindly remove this image and any other images, messages or links on your Space that violate the Windows Live Spaces Code of conduct within 48 hours.
Violations include, but are not limited to, nudity, partial nudity, pornography, harassment, and illegal or offensive behavior. For a complete description of content that is not allowed on Windows Live Spaces, please visit our Code of Conduct at: http://spaces.live.com/coc.aspx

If you remove all violating content, your space will again be in accordance with the Windows Live Spaces Code of Conduct, and will remain accessible for your use. Otherwise, we will be forced to close down your space.
You may delete photos from your Space by following these instructions:
1. Log into your Space
2. Click on the "Edit Your Space" link (upper right portion of the page)
3. Click "Options"
4. Click on the "Storage" link in the Options pane
5. Select the images to be removed
6. Click on "Delete selected items"
Thank you for helping Windows Live Spaces provide a friendly and safe experience for all of our customers.

Windows Live Spaces Customer Support

my first response before i even tried to fix it to their satisfaction:

dear microsoft,

i really can't believe that you have found anything salacious among my paintings. i am a fully schooled fine artist. the world has never objected to nudity in fine art. you might as well close down the metropolitan museum of art in new york or the art institute of chicago. even the louvre in paris is chock full of nude sculptures and paintings.

please take another look and hopefully, you will revise this monumental blunder for microsoft.


take a look at my paintings at :


poetry too….

do let me know what you decide.

scott cumming (I_ArtMan)

some of you have seen the harmless paintings they are censoring.

i just want to know how microsoft can host real pornography on the internet and censor me.