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yes it is fun to be tagged… but i hate to tag people. but i will, it's just a hang-up considering what other people might think or feel. if i tag someone who doesn't want to do it. that's not my problem is it?

First, the rules.
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1. i like artichokes. i'm having one right now with a baked potato. i am dipping the leaves in drawn butter and lime juice. i don't know why i like food that requires work to eat. like getting the meat out of crab and lobster claws…

2. i don't like drinking water at all; never have. but living in los angeles where it is like zero humidity, i force myself to drink at least a few glasses a day when i can remember. because i particularly do not enjoy the symptoms of dehydration.

3. this may not be unimportant but it's true. i love people.

4. i don't like living alone but i do it well. betcha didn't know that.

5. i never read newspapers and didn't watch the news until recently. i think i am trying to figure out what is wrong with the world. it is in a sorry state. that's just my opinion.

6. secretly, i think if i were elected king of the earth, i could straighten things out. more on what i would do elsewhere.

pheew… that wasn't so bad. now, the hard part. who to pick that won't mind and will do as i did.

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it turns out that the potato with grated cheddar cheese, butter, sour cream and scallion rounds won my heart more than the heart of the artichoke. good meal.