once again trying to put a little gratitude into my attitude.

Grateful to be

for here is this song of gratitude comes mumbling down the Beggar Brook
for friends donated by philanthropic Anthropotheus
the serene trickle of astral delicacies
for appreciation only.

I am in love with stones
Ruby emerald amethyst schist and mica
rainbow fragments of volcano sperm
and crushing iceberg mountains.
Hooray for the chemistry of the body of the earth, the mother lode and softest jade

could we praise ambition? The life force of modern man escaped from muck and mold and pestilence
our diligent desire when the wolf and the sheep embrace and bring forth wishes and glorious inventions
of the chemistry and industry of noble work of men and women

we must also thank the Mastermind for
the language of the heart the signs of love our sighs and smiles the tentacles and armature strung between the plexus and the cheek oh! Ecstasy!

and thank you for the gold we gather
from between blissful burning bodies
we, our bodies blistering, create more like us
because our bounding joy conducts this hope eternal
shows how we cherish innocence and guide the weak to safety.
fathers know how children need to play between the lessons and feel the glee in singing with bursting lungs our human chorus.

and thank you for making me a maker too
so I can taste and eat the world like you
so I can gather knowledge and practice wisdom
as we gathered as children on the ocean shores
the shells of cunning design and a thousand colors
made Translucent by generous sunlight.

we are fishing in the sands of time
only you can express the measure of our delight
in being born and tarrying here
and growing old with overflowing memories
of peaks and valleys of our journey
those masquerades and carnival attractions.
because you gave us interest and love first of all
we all can muddle through and shed the pangs of sorrow and regret
like the gray head dandelion releases to a summer wind his crown of seeds and bows his bald head in reverence, we surrender to receive our blessings and just desserts

below is just funny… an accident. up to my chin without galoshes.