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my father was the finest bow
but i was a bent arrow
however, the archer was making a trick shot.

regurgitating "the lord of the flies" by golding. circa 1960

1963, woodstock, vermont above the atlantic and pacific tea company.

at the 'fish' by the mighty jade river. upriver washington 1999

venice beach with tsunami bamboo

on the 'boarwalk', venice beach 2006

"adventures in the skin trade"

the graceful caring in your eyes
that smile so warm
that melted my anthracite heart

i will gladly be your fool
if you will just keep smiling
when you see me loping your way

wherever you are
ribbons of red gold
join us
by streaming through astral rivers

yes, i say,
love driven from immeasurable altitudes
necessity, our most prime mystery
first mover of all there is

first typed this very minute… impromptu
next to the last day of 2007


and last but not least, look at these two links… this is cool…. i had no idea
that i am in an archive which shows how my page looked seven years ago. what a surprise.
actually, i'd like to go back to that java lake that i started with. but i forgot how i did it.