my status will probably be ignored.
but i believe in the power that truth has.
i may be a relatively adept artist. but i am an awowed alcoholic… who astoundingly enough can still spell.
this is not my 'swan song', just an honest admission that i am what they used to call a dipsomaniac. sounds terrible doesn't it. i believe in truth. it's not terrible, but it is incurable, like cancer.
i have been battling this disease since i was thirteen.
i was sober for ten years and then for one year after a relapse of binges. now i have five years of surviving the drive to drink. yes, that's the way it is. every day we don't drink is some kind of miracle.

why am i telling you this?
because there is no understanding in the world about this affliction. everyone wants to say that we are weak-willed. guess again. a day doesn't go by that we wouldn't like a little relief. and when we take that relief we are doomed. that's it in a nutshell.