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happily i was priviledged to join my friends to celebrate thanksgiving.
what good food. what fine companionship.
a perfect example of community, it was a happy time for everyone.
all the traditional dishes were served, games were played and there was a lot of laughter.
there were three grandfathers, one grandmother, one father, one mother, two children and a bachelor.
five out of the nine are artists.

the playing field.

inside each placecard was a word that later each person was to talk about in turn. the granddaughters worked hard on this project. and it was a great hit.

this giggly grandaughter loves her grandfather, the eldest present.

this is big sister a big help in the kitchen

our gentle hostess with daughter and granddaughter.

my good and gracious host, my friend of many years, capers for the camera… i think he's walking like an egyptian.

our lovely hostess

it helps a lot if you have good help in the kitchen…. mother and daughter.

indescribably delicious.

here is mother working hard to present the traditional thanksgiving dinner.

the happy dad chatting with grandpas watching football.

the camera just loves this dog. or is it the other way around?

the star of the production, the turkey, arrives after carving in the kitchen by the dad.

come and get it!

the author attempting to be photogenic before leaving home.

altogether we managed to eat three pies, pumpkin, pecan and the centerpiece strawberry extravaganza,
two cranberry dishes, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes, with gravy, string beans, a fantastic salad, two kinds of biscuits and of course, the entree with stuffing, the turkey itself, and, of course the gravy.

i was given the whole dinner to take home and have again the next day. now i have to do some serious exercising to keep it off my waist. vanity vanity vanity.

turn the page for the little clip of 'happy feet'. just click it off when it finishes… don't let it go on and on…. i can't figure out how to just show the one little clip without it going on to other clips. so just turn it off after it plays. i guess. …

From Crackle: happy feet