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i'm having thanksgiving dinner with friends so as a treat to myself on the eve of thanksgiving i made something special to share with the world. it's something i never ate before but had heard of. jerusalem artichokes. turned out they were just as good as i expected… even better.

this is the beginning. the meat is very thick lamb.

you can see everything except nutmeg goes into the sauce for the artchokes… not too much.

the artichoke would take forever if you braised them raw, so i cooked everything… the endives, shallots green onion etc. in my homemade steamer…. just a steel bowl in boiling water covered.
that takes about twenty minutes. the artichokes are a lot like potatoes but taste like artichoke hearts.

then you coat everything with rice flour and bread crumbs and herbs. basil worked just fine. braise in olive oil and butter. after simmering in the broth from the steaming for about half an hour add either cream or sour cream and cook very low stirring all the time for about ten minutes and the sauce becomes a beshamel sauce.

i don't have to tell you how to roast lamb but it should be marinated for a few hours with seasoning. then it should be broiled ten minutes and turned over; then broil the lamb five minutes more.

i just want you to see that the lamb should be cooked but not overcooked… yes, that's mint jelly.

this was a feast for thanksgiving eve.
have a happy thanksgiving everyone. and don't forget to give thanks for all that you are blessed with. …