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i can't sleep and i can't paint when i am so worried about money and physical problems. you can all be my brother theo, if you know what that means. vincent van gogh would never have been able to paint if his brother hadn't helped him. i'm not comparing my artwork to his, just my desperateness.

i hate to do this but i have to beg.
i am really behind the eight ball. i don't eat out and i don't go to the theatre.

there are three automatic payments coming up before my disability check comes on the first. that's going to cost me another ninety dollars in overdrafts. time warner again, my esurance and netflix.
if you look closely you can see that even a .97 arbitrary charge cost me $30. i'm going to iron this all out and use the paypal card for recurring payments until 'my ship comes in'

my cable, internet and phone are all time warner.

every month they disconnect me because they won't change my payment date one single
day. i tried to reason with them but they were going

to shut me
down again… it's so agravating. i tried to talk to the

bank to give the little leeway but they are making so much money on me why should they overlook a little 24 hour meeting of ends.

i attached this page so you can see the problem and

maybe help to
catch me up. then i can make it on what i get.

there's more to
how this happened but it all boils down to the time

warner payment
which started this landslide. i thought i was getting an advance
on the venice mural job or i wouldn't have done it.


see my paintings at:

it you go to the I_ArtMan website, hungryeyegraphics.com, there is a paypal button for artist's relief fund. anything will help. even $2 from 30 people would cover my car insurance. i will be so thankful for any help you can afford.

you could even buy a drawing or a painting that is available.
once again i am so sorry to put you in the uncomfortable position of having to say no. or worse still that this will permanently change some people opinion of me. it's just a point of view.