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the new direction for humanity at large could be
to take care of the earth and each other.
everyone counts now.

ego is passe', puerile, irresponsible.
the big shot, hot shit… the boss. the terminator… the fearmonger.

the fruitful way to go on as a species
is to drop the violence
it's no longer necessary (everyone knows that wars are invented.)
a science driven economy will open a new age
and a concerted march on the enemies of life.
global peace and prosperity is still a potential.
equally potential consequences of squabbling over
long standing feuds… all musunderstandings,
will cause more suffering and even the very end.
the end of a grand experiment in the universe.

let's see… if we give free will to the human race….
can they appreciate the cosmic significance of
a benign generosity.

friendships could be more valued
loves could be more honored
children could be more free

the pursuit of happiness lies in valuing honesty,
honesty is hard but it is a life raft.
happiness is all anyone really needs
above goods, status or fame.

happiness is to be honorable,
to seek truth above everything else.
not to shove your truth down their mouths
but to live in accordance with the truth.
it has nothing to do with others.
my conscience must be clear. …