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the scourge of india for millenia is not even a subject of controversy. the caste system: it seems it is like the black dot that is what they call in our southern states a chigger. one must take a sharp razorblade and operate on one's own callous to be rid of the pain.

although i have known about castes in india for many years it was kiran's blog which got me started thinking about it… somehow i assumed that caste was not taken seriously in india anymore. more research shows that things haven't changed at all. there has been no unilateral emancipation such as our emancipation proclamation so compelling a document by mr. lincoln that it took 100 years to enforce.
http://my.opera.com/Kiranut1/blog/ kiran is very devoted to enlightening the world that the caste system is alive and well but cruel and unfair.

in spite of gandhiji's advice, the brahmin callous is complacent, fearing no evil.
the antiquated tradition is supported by superstition as is evidenced in this
tale i have re-told leaving only the 'bones'

below is my friend saya, a bosnian. who, thanks to intolerance, lost her whole family during the war.
she is now married to an exiled colonel and has a pretty girl named 'laila'.

i did this drawing of saya at the outdoor cafe' called mao's across the street from the venice beach hostel where i first became acquainted with her and "dj". their story of displacement is a direct result of that enormous hindrance to the happiness of mankind which we refer to as intolerance,(if you don't believe what i believe, i hate you.).

we are all created equal. we could love one another.