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why can't those monkeys just leave things… leave well enough alone. now they've tweaked it out of order.

o.k. so now it's working…. too tired now to do the pictures properly…. tune in again tomorrow for a prettier post.
no… it's broken again…. funny it let me add the screen shot. then i tried to change one picture and the same thing happened. well, tomorrow is another day.

anyway, welcome to lunch everyone.

here is a perfect lunch for all the vitamins and

minerals you might need to go off and dig a few

ditches or pick 90 bushels of apples. …

add a little olive oil seasoned salt and pepper,

mayonaise and a dab of sour cream to the salmon.
then chop up a scallion and half a large celery stick.

mix it all up.
take the juiced apples and a pear with an inch of

fresh ginger. put that into the blender. add an egg,

soy milk, yogurt and your favorite power powder, like

superfood. add two ice-cubes and mix.

now you have a sandwich and a drink. eat two garlic

stuffed olives and some home made pickles.
skip desert because with the avocados (i got this off

the tree in my back yard).


don't have the garlic if you are planning any close conversations.

if you're not going to do some hard work… walk for two

hours or climb a hill.