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i don't know how this happened but this just came out of my fluid brain yesterday so i wrote it down. it doesn't look like a poem. i was listening to nina simone the night before trying to get to sleep. that might explain the form it took. actually i was thinking it was a song when i was jotting it down.

so somebody put a melody to it and i'll have one of my female vocalists play with it.

don't let me know you love me
and i'll be fine
when you smile and say my name
i'll smile and i'll play the game

but love is not a game to play
it's life and death for me you see

so, don't let me know you love me
and i'll love you more
i'll love you more than violets
or butterflies in june

we can face the wet winds of winter
or welcome the fresh breeze of spring
so take my hand
take this wedding band

just don't let me know you love me
and i'll be fine
i'll love you for a lifetime
if only you'll be mine

just don't let me know you love me.
just don't ever let me know you love me.

copyright 9/1/07 scott cumming

it needs a little polishing….

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