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after a rich dinner last night i was walking and found a dollar in the street. i went a little further and found another.
i was very excited because i had just been counting in my mind the days until my next ssi check and planning to bring my change to the supermarket coin machine…. anyway, then i found a folded five and two more dollars… then amazing as it may seem a ten. then a few more singles.

i looked around to see who was playing a game with me…. then i was looking up to heaven and said, "wow, …

thank you god… you really are watching and moving things around aren't you?"

anyway, if i hadn't eaten this delicious but rich dinner, i wouldn't have gone for a walk at 9:00 and if i had gone back on the side of the street i prefer to travel on, i wouldn't have found the cash. go figure.
stroganoff night. my invention… many people might not like chicken livers but the bay leaves with the carmelized onions made it taste even as if it had been cooked in sherry. but i used no wine.
experimenting. it's good for you too.

i didn't make this tart…. just wanted to show th biggest lindzer tart i've ever seen. i couldn't eat it until my midnight snack… i just had a sliver with tea.

apparently all my creative force is surfacing in the culinary department. i'd better get back to painting quick… or i'll start balooning and have difficulty getting up.

i'm ready for a whole new direction… been here before. i can feel it cooking in my unconscious… gotta be patient. farmers wait years for the fallow field to ripen enough for new crops.

i'm really not worried.
i'm really very happy.