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memxe asked a question following "the elephant

question" and it seemed like it would make a

post and an update even on my activities. …

energetically, this morning i had a fine breakfast listening to "the afternoon of the faun" by debussy and ravel's "bolero". it was so peaceful eating to debussy but the ravel made me start to gobble a little.

"eat like a king in the morning, like a prince in the afternoon and like a pauper at night." (adele davis, from "let's eat right to keep fit"

then will stretch a large canvas and do my

the days ahead are full. and the first of the

month is almost here.

happy birthday to me on sunday.

well, memxe, you are close. it was my father's

question which gave me a new understanding.

he was a well rounded and extremely well

educated and succesful man all his life. but in

the end he had no philosophy he could explain.

he was however writing a book when he died

called "the spirit of the law". but i think he

waited too long to write it.

but we always had long talks. so he gave me


when he died, my older brother threw me out of

the house, gave me all of the paintings that i had

given my father, my father's library and $4,000.

if he had understood our father's teaching, he

would have let me stay and would have helped

me succeed in washington state where he had

been living for thirty years. but he was stingy

and greedy. my father was never greedy and

he was naturally generous.

anyway, that gave me the will to survive my

wife setting me free and a ten year oddyssey of

homelessness. now i have a place and a

somewhat secure future with social security

only one year and five days off. then i won't

have to spend so much time just trying to stay

alive., with no health insurance and living on

$800 a month disability is really a little


but my father's indomitable spirit and efforts all

through his life is a legacy i will preserve and

try to pass on… if not to my children then to

other younger aspirants to a happy life.

yesterday i manhandled a nice entertainment

center structure into the jeep and finally when it

got cooler after the 11:00 news… nbc, i wrestled

the thng single-handedly past three heavy doors

and set-up all the connections i had had in my


this was so i could watch movies without

disturbing my friend bill who used to paint next

to me on the venice boardwalk. i had been

watching t.v. on my monitor because i stay up

late unwinding. he was homeless too and i got

him into my building.

but our bedrooms share a wall which may be too

thin. he complained vehemently one day. i tried

to watch with the sound down low; but i

couldn't hear anything and couldn't understand

the movie. so i watched on the monitor in the living room.

so, bit by bit i am getting things the way i want

them. when i get bookcases, then i'll need a

couch… lol

it's a good day and i am progressing