the meaning of life is for me, encapsulated in a detail of the life of milarepa.

after seven years in a cave living on nettle soup, his earthenware bowl broke. but within the bowl was the green accumulation of residue formed by the years of use. the nettles had formed a bowl. and that bowl was not broken in the fall.

Art is born of leisure. It is ridiculous to think that we are born to work.

We may have been created to do. Yes. But nothing in the universal laws forces us as to how we will work.

This is the greatest misunderstanding in present times.

To whit: you are nothing if you are not driving your mind and body to produce more dollars to survive with.

Most people today work for a living. Working to live and living to work. It’s the same old story, just different labels. We are slaves. The only recourse in our grasp is to be a conscious slave.

Seneca, a great philosopher, was a slave, and he said that he was freer than any senator or patrician he knew. I can only extrapolate that he had serenity.

The best choice available is to do what I love and not consider any gain. Somehow I will be compensated, so I don’t worry.

Living is the neglected art.

Sure… some things need to be done so just do them… balance that checkbook. Instead of shilly shallying in the negative realms of denial, take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them. from Shakespeare, (the dilemma of hamlet). Then afterward reward yourself with the real pleasures of life.

like a warm bath with sounds and incense…. candles.

the right attitude to eating is also an ally. fast food doesn't feed our need for good impressions.
my solution is to make the time to eat fresh presentable food. eat like a king in the morning, a prince in the afternoon and a pauper at night. i quote adelle davis…. "let's eat right to keep fit"

and live long and prosper. that is my wish for all the world.

just because it's a pretty picture…. this was my lunch. i am laughing to think that you will say… scott has gone mad. he keeps on posting about food. it is one of the few real pleasures in life. just don't overeat. i can have anything i desire as long as i exercise some self-control.

new slideshow of my work….