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Common sense 2007

How can we be effective as citizens when we have no idea of what our government’s motives are? We are pulled to the left and then to the right. We are lied to. We scare easily.
The spin-doctors propagate a psuedo Christian doctrine similar to that that led to the disasters of the crusades. It is always apollonian ideals that dedicate the treasury to war instead of the common weal. They hope to inspire a patriotic god fearing majority to back their agenda.

Maybe their agenda will, in the final analysis be of benefit to the future of the United States of America. But why can’t we be let in on the secret?
Then the enemy would know the secret plan for world domination. This is exactly what causes the downfall of great nations.

Like the cartoon, “pinky and the brain”…”what’s the plan for today?” “Same as always; take over the world.” At least he was honest.

George Washington, though not brilliant they say, could see ahead. He had a generalized fear of meddling in foreign affairs. But the first and second world wars had to be fought; and that thrust the U.S. into further involvement overseas. Then when the opportunists got a whiff of the money to be skimmed due to the largesse and graft of government disbursements the stage was set, the plot was obvious. Many a million greenback dollar gatherings were engineered over a two-martini lunch.

Another general, Dwight d. Eisenhower, also a president, warned against American power possessors in the military-industrial complex pulling strings to get the war machine going again. The powerful lobby after two world wars must have realized that peace would put them out of business. There’s no money to be had in armaments unless there is a threat from ‘the enemy’.

I’m not the only one who is confused. Regardless of polls, I suspect that the majority of the people, and I mean all the people, don’t see the sense of chasing our tails in the middle east; or anywhere else for that matter. We are mostly embarrassed to be Americans now. We are a practical people and would like to see our taxes dedicated to schools and hospitals, repairing the infrastructure, alleviating suffering here at home, and the sick, the poor, the disenfranchised and the elderly under pressure to survive need a stable minimum to keep body and soul together. and that is just not happening. let's not talk about how broke the treasury is.