since i just spent almost five hours commenting on the discussion i was invited to join by it's author kavishwar concerning the question of prostitution… i publish my comment here on my page to elicit additional arguments from the community.

Whether prostitution be made legal ? This question was asked to the students of psychology , in one of the college in Mumbai.

but i suggest you do as i did and try to answer the question before reading all of the comments.

first of all; it’s very complicated, but I will try.

i am a spirit having a physical experience. therefore i am two natured from the start. there will be a sacred struggle which takes place within me.
We are beings endowed with free will, exercising it is the right of all humans.

i wrote most of what is below before reading the comments to the 'question'; that was so i could first search my understanding.

now after reading the exchanges, i will just publish my thoughts because i don't have time to write the essay right now.

and since i was invited, i wish to respond before the topic dies.

the conclusion that i have arrived at, to be realistic, is to legalize. because of the direction of current societies…. to globalize morality and assist the arising of individuality; or something like that.

and i will just add that the respected japanese custom of geisha is a far better form of 'body work'. the individuals who practice let's say, "paid for comfort and sometimes love", temporary companions, are trained in skills of the trade. especially, scientific cleanliness etc., but also, to effectively create the illusion, if their feelings cannot be real, that their touch and receiving of touch is artful and truly satisfying. that will eliminate any outbursts of unbalanced customer cruelty.

and each and every practitioner, male and female have the accepted right to turn down any client. there should, on principle, be a district which is clean and pleasant with all other amenities such as baths, food, music, and privacy.

if it must be that some are willing to pay for these desires and comforts, it would be far better if condoned by the will of the majority of the governed. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

people can vote to legalize or criminalize or lobby the government of their nation.
because, there are many cases where such a district would contribute to the happiness of the people, this would be better than combining 'body work' with other crimes. especially violent crime. the legalization of drugs for addicts, who are sick, would also help to separate the two. by dividing, we conquer.

so here are a few suggestions to think about…

sperm energy is for providing new people with an opportunity to enter existence.
there is a cosmic use for this avalanche of souls.

sex energy is the highest volatile substance. it even fuels love. to mine it for money is to adulterate the creative force of society.

we don't need to be stimulated to feel the force of this sex energy. great nature made the orgasm experience so overwhelmingly pleasurable to ensure the continuation of the species.

there's only so much time and energy for each day. the
obsession and misuse of instinctive energy is a modern

we have ‘body work’ in a very crude and materialistic form in massage parlors and steam baths in the united states. but there is no love there. it's basically a mechanical thing i could do myself. with, as my beloved brother flippantly assures me, showing me his hand, "i have five friends here who help me out when i get 'blue balls'"

we live in a 'dark age' it is a 'kali yuga'. lies and adulteration of the spiritual development are symptoms of an emphasis on the physical.
the body's domination of our minds and hearts.we put the emphasis of happiness on the outside, on the material world, especially comfort; but also sensual pleasure. consequently, the 'atman' is overpowering the essence of being. ego and the struggle of the ego for power causes trouble.

the only motive for power is the freedom to indulge the senses without interruption. we call that decadence, or, going down; involution. time itself is accumulating a new impulse for the force of evolution. it's all according to law. higher law than the human.

it's true that prostitution is going on anyway, in spite of it's being illegal. but the illegality puts an onus on the profession and enforcement promulgates censure.

let us suppose that legislators and governmental power possessors, ‘decision makers’, etc., know something we do not know. they are maybe wiser in some things. can we trust them?

unless we want to make a study of the effects of legal
prostitution we must take their word for it.
and again… suppose the simpler world of ancient times had this subject in it's right perspective and lived in a 'raja yuga' because of their understanding of human meaning and significance. they didn't need prostitution. why?

then there is the consideration: what will this mean to the seller of his/her body? what will become of their self-respect?

nopanic said "From my point of view you have to have a
democracy based on a wish of a common high welfare. If
everybody feels good. Everybody works more. Then the
country earns more money. And the State is all of us and if the state is rich we can take care of our children, the elderly, the sick people and so on in an orderly manner….amen."

totally logical; the socratic ideal.

that would be the 'raja yuga'… a golden age.

roshi.bakshi said,
"A fine is a tax for doing wrong.
A tax is a fine for doing well " …
I_ArtMan loved that.

'sex work' services have always been an indulgence of affluent individuals,
(and often renders them un-affluent, depending on their degree of self-control).


By I_ArtMan, # 15. August 2007, 16:03:41