today i got fed up with the card table… as a computer desk… so impractical. i went to the 'goodwill' store and luckily found a fine oak computer desk… for $45; now i can work in comfort.

i started at noon and finished at eight. finally ate at 9:00. the beans took forever…. lucky i started them at three. i don't know what to call it but it was worth the effort.

i worked on the new 'set-up' then figured out what to eat.

this is a real kitchen.

the beans have four big cloves of garlic, bay leaves, fresh ginger, a red and a green pepper and a fresh jalapeno, black pepper, a dash of turkish cumin, some chili powder and still didn't burn the tongue. the rice is brown rice with saffron and sea salt and just whisper of butter.

the broccoli is steamed 'al dente''
the condiment is exotic… apple, mango, ginger and nut chutney by 'asoka'.
the shrimp are simple steamed in a little water, butter and finely chopped fresh garlic…. not too much. stirred with a pinch of fresh oregano.

i worked mostly to tchaikovsky and katchaturian and ate nothing but lemonaid with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. i took four showers because the sweat blinded me all day long even when i was driving home with my prizes.
so here it is; dig in.

* puts on "lady in autumn" for isabel (the best of the verve years) disc two.