don't you just love food?
always shop when you are really hungry.

good fresh food is the fuel which powers the best life.

a little poem and a very personal peek into my life.

i guess because i am feeling a little lonely
but don't want anyone to think that i am suffering.
still overjoyed by having my own place….
i know my friends in opera will get a kick out of this post…
so exuberant. perrier does that to me.

try this sometime… it's a gourmet style of cooking eggs which is really fast and easy.
a few shards of bacon, an english muffin and a dram or two of marsala. then bake it in the oven for ten minutes at 450 degrees farenheit. but keep an eye on it because you don't want the yolks to get hard…. it's a nice birthday breakfast to present your significant other with. oh…. and don't forget to put a sliver of real butter under each half of the muffin. salt and pepper.

and todays poem…
yes, we are the people of today
hell bent for leather
devil may care
we treasure freedom
as much as clean air

our epitaph shall read
bon vivant!
viva joie du vivre!
dynamic… generous

and the only reverence we really feel
deep in our gut
is for the miracle
of life

we are so bold
and courageous
as to 'die now'
to the mundane world of titilation
and live in a new world
of our choosing

go out and gently
ride a horse.

august 4 2007 …