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tagged by squeaky cat I_ArtMan expounds his wish list for opera improvements. …

1, a button in options to upload my own creation for a banner.

2, a function, like a search for every comment i have made.

3, keep working on faster loading for people with 'dial-up' my pages are so heavy, i know people are watching their little hour glass twirl and twirl and then clicking off their intention to visit.

4. a more obvious list of tips than 'faq' which is so tedious to go through. tips on opera courtesy, tips on ways to make my page load faster. etc.

5. my slideshow hosted by 1and1.com has a simple way to reorder pictures;by 'drag and drop' netflix has it too. every movie ordered has an active box with it's number in it. i simply change the number and it's automatic. the advantage is that a meaningful sequence of pictures could be arranged.

thanks kim for the opportunity to get my wish list published.

now let's see… who would best be able to offer good suggestions to improve opera…

i guess i'll message them like squeaky cat tagged me.