yesterday some friends who are artists opened their doors for a showing of the work of four different artists and it was magnificent. i was the designated photographer for the opening.
i took over 168 pictures.

i'm just going to show the best of them now. but following this post, look for a new photo album. it will be called 'a day in venice' they're all from friday the thirteenth.

my main interest in the event was halldor enard, the son of an artist friend of mine in new york. but the master of ceremonies,(of crutchmovies.com) his friend mark crutch, has moved mountains to get this multimedia urban global village jump started. he and halldor have worked very hard to create this, i think, incredibly creative and original exhibit. and the people… ahhh what a lovely pile of people.

the flyer that came in my email.

following are the 'stars' of the show.
mark crutch filmaker
very careful black and white photography by halldor enard
in his studio adjacent to the gallery william criswell works

as beautiful as her work, tuesday may thomas, does beautiful work and uses light magically
halldor, his wife olan and dj par excellence phylo
phylo is also a painter and may be in one of the upcoming shows

i never did find out who the fourth artist was, if he was there at all. i can always edit this.
i can't be expected to do everything at once. can i?

so here are the shots i liked best. don't forget to look for the new album.

that's tuesday and the gentleman to the right is the producer of "mad cow girl", taka arai

that's the group that made the above mentioned film.taka arai, the producer the writer and director, gregory hatanake is the gentleman on the far right. the actress is sarah lassez. i made that assumption. sorry, i don't know the other names.

speaks for itself.
my good friend mike vann, film editor and future director of feature films is getting a warm interest from this lovely lady.

i don't know. i like it.
best double-take

four artists in three rooms.
taking me taking her… one more… then the rest in an album

i hope you enjoyed my little essay into the world of photo-journalism.

also, i just created a new slide show in my subdomain