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chuang tzu, the genius of the absurd heard about crooked shu.

they said that his feet were wrapped over his shoulders, his chin was stuck in his navel. his pigtail pointed up to the sky. he made his living down by the river washing other people's clothes.

chuang tzu had to see for himself. so he went down to the river. he found crooked shu working.

after watching for a little while he had to ask a question.

he said "crooked shu…. just look at you. what has the creator done to you? you're all twisted around. your legs are over your shoulders, you walk with your hands, your chin is tucked into your stomach, your pigtail sticks straight up into the sky! what a mess you are."

crooked shu looked up from his work and said, "so?"

chuang tzu asked. " well, do you resent it? …that you are so misshapen and have to earn a living here, doing other peoples laundry?"

" ha," said crooked shu, " how do i know that the next minute the creator may not turn my right arm into a trumpet? then i will play a song. or, for that matter, he may turn my left arm into a rooster. in which case i will crow when the sun rises. resent what? what is there to resent?"