a kind of prayer

when i, aghast, at my behavior
stomping my feet
at myself
pounding the pavement with my hand
at your stupidity,
cast a glance above my head
i see stars and galaxies
which know nothing of us at all
i grant the creator
with a sense
of humor

though i am angry at his expense.
but then,
i am awed by life all the same
and grateful for the chance.

I_ArtMan july 5, 2007

and just for fun… one of the jaimie watercolors.

this is a young lady i met at the hopper house life-drawing class.
i approached her in a state of trepidation. i had been drawing her for half a year in nyack, new york.

i simply said. "would you pose for me at my studio?" i'll never forget how simply and trustingly she answered with an innocent smile. "sure."

this is my favorite of ten large watercolors i did of her after a year of three hour sessions every week. i instructed her to pretend that a giant had violated her and when he was satisfied threw her into the bushes… what would that look like. then she took this pose.