there's an enormous amount of work to do. and as usual, i do

not feel equal to the task. i want to run away.
but i have an obligation demonstrated by my father and his

that is to put my shoulder to the wheel.

the world goes willy nilly. and a few people make sense of it

and steer us in a right direction. otherwise we would have

been doomed long ago. it's a fine line we are traveling now

and it's a crutial moment in time.

i am sure that if i don't make a special effort now, that i will

be culpable. after all the philosophy i have absorbed and all

of the religions i have grokked, if i can't make some sense of

it all, then no one can.

steven hawkings has recommended that we flee the planet.
traditions say we should abandon our attachment to life.
new religions promise us a tool to get more from life.
and there isn't a saint alive who bears the scrutiny of truth.

prayer doesn't work. that is not to say that there is no god. it

just means that god is impartial and not moved at all by our

entreaties. because god knows why he created the universe.

we will never understand.

meanwhile here on earth things are getting out of hand and

people are not taking heed.

i want the earth to go on. i am very concerned. i have always

been concerned. since i was 13 years old i have expected the

world to blow up. that's not my imagination. in 1958 i had a

dream that i went to the window and saw an atomic bomb

explosion. i knew in the dream that i was about to die.

we all know what is at stake. but like me, we are passive

towards it. why can't we affect the outcome? because we

don't speak about what is most important. like me we speak

about ourselves.

please forgive me for putting it like this. i can only speak as i

know how. armageddon is not inevitable. but it is


i promise my next post will be light and life-enhancing.