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this poem i wrote just now will no doubt cause everyone to be grateful for what they have.


she is happy
she lives for the moment
and the moment is mostly good
until the sun sets
and it's dark in no man's land
and she can't sleep for fear
so she curls up in a little ball
and she softly cries
her hands and her face are wet with flowing tears
finally, she is gone
and she does this day after day; night after night

when the dawn light breaks
into her oblivion
she moans
instead of gratitude for life
her tiny skull is suddenly crowded
with questions
what am i doing here
they shoot horses don't they
what happened yesterday
she rolls over and tries to leave the earth again
but it's no good
there's an urgency

now, angry with herself
she rises and tries not to think
she has lost her baby
the years have crowded by
her remorse is unbearable
they have taken her child
she has been deemed unfit
to be a mother
"oh my god,
what am i going to do?"
"oh my god,
i am so hungry."
"where will i hide my stuff today?"

drunk by eight in the morning
and unfed… unwashed
she bounces from place to place
she's so pretty
her essence is pure and untouched
but her face begins to show the ravages
of debauchery and self-will
almost totally irrevocably unmitigatedly hopeless
she seeks love
or oblivion again
she crashes on the grass
and is gone again
and all she wants is to be gone again
or loved.