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a horrible thing has happened. when i came back from the boadwalk today men were dismantling my bed and moving all of my things into the box with windows.

so bye for now everybody. all of my friends… i'll be back. i just con't know when.

in case you're wondering. i had planned… had a friend coming tomorrow morning with a truck to help pack and take most of it to storage where i have a little room already.
then the dictum came down to do it tonight…. and the henchmen were ready to invade my space without my permission. so that's it.

made no money yesterday or today. i have five dollars to my name until the first.

anyone feeling charitable can go to…


there's a paypal button on the front page. if everyone who cares just sent two dollars like pfelep (sp) when i first anounced it. it would make a giant difference.

thankyou in advance… sorry i am a beggar. but….. c'est la vie