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i spent the day exhibiting my paintings and working on venice

beach's famed boardwlk.

i'm posting a link to a ten minute documentary my friend made

which includes some interviewing of yours truly. apart from

that 'i'm in it'… it's quite a lovely symphony like documentary

about this truly unique place.

well, now…. this is fun. my friend michael vann made a lovely documentary about venice beach….. and i'm in it.


if the url link doesn't work just go to http://www.dailymotion.com and search venice beach documentary. it's not long (about ten minutes) but if you are interested in what i've already said about venice you'll want to check it out.


that's the first stage.


Yes! Know that I walk in the clovered fields of Eden

Thoughtlessly radiating peace

Mindfully eating the honey of wisdom

See? The world is blooming with new spirits

A waterfall of souls

Streaming in two rivers

Into the city.

The city pulses with hungry insistence

But Eden breathes in and out

The city feeds the hungry

But Eden knows no hunger.

The food is the sun and the rain

The wheel of seasons rolling interminably on

Mornings and nights

Turning turning turning

Whither turnest thou world?

Hurry hurry hurry

Before it escapes you….. Eternity

Can we prepare not to miss it?

Ducks in a row

Bang! Bang bang bang!

Take your prize and go.

then this is the display.