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the seeds of fear

there's insanity in being right all the time

there's insanity in ignoring truth

soft rose petals float from innocent mouths

collide with the sparse dark particles

splinters of evil have a headlong pace

every movement, every lie

becomes ridiculous in the real world.

i mind that the silence is shattered by metallic scrapings

noxious gases gather in layers of frightening colors

my opinion of precious beauty

may be the poison that corrodes gold

but wishing that those thorny daggers of error

are tricks of the light

and those fantastic chimeras which peaked our joy unexpectedly

and fed our wantonness were all a mist… no harm at all

are but the pains that seeds of fear will reap in times to come

just a little sketch oil painting inspired by the character "frodo" from the j.r.r. tolkein epic. …