this is a wonderful opportunity to rant a wee bit since i am being moved into a trailer while they remodel my room. needless to say i didn't ask for that; an interuption of my brand new timewarner tv and internet roadrunner smashed by fate in one sudden disclosure tonight…
i have a few days to pack. some stuff will go to storage where half my worldly possessions have been gathering dust and rat feces since the last time they moved me six months ago.

now moontan tagged me to list six pet peeves of which that was the first.

number two is i hate the way everyone raves over my artwork and still no-one is interested enough to buy anything.

the third thing that leaps to mind is the way people unconsciously leave their things lying around. the way people disrespect other peoples rights.

and number four… stay out of my way when i'm working in the kitchen. you can talk from a safe distance but don't demand any real attention.

the fifth thing is i think this world is too full of blame and i want it to stop right now.

the sixth is i hate being disconnected… and here's a freebe i hate saying goodbye.

so au revoir… in a weeks time i will be temporarily indisposed due to construction.

love you everyone