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we wonder why the universe exists at all. i think that's what started this poem that just popped out yesterday while i was baking in the sun at venice beach. first day back on the boardwalk was otherwise uneventfull. no wait… my friend came by and took me out to dinner at our old favorite, "mao's" restaurant. we had a fine meal. i met his friend from turkey, belgin, i think was her name. it's an amazing thing to me that someone who has only been here for about …

nine months can speak so fluently on any subject. mostly she and i were trying to explain 'sufism' to mike. more on that some other time; here's the thoughts in poem form.

god doesn't want to die
that's why he has us
he lives through us
that's why he's happy when we're happy
and that's why he's made it a puzzle

in the middle of the layered puzzle
the creator planted conscience
and installed allies from above
to lend a hand when we falter