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just a week after my plea for help from the world in the form of the 'artist's relief fund' paypal button somebody sent me a cashiers check for $1,000. i was so happy. i was giddy with relief. it turned out to be a forgery the bank said and it bounced. it came with no note about what it was for. i'm so glad i didn't draw on it or i'd be in big trouble now.

i am dying to get back to painting again really.

back to the drawing board

going back to the boardwalk
to see if i can find any nuggets of gold
or nougats of art which bump up
against the bow of my ghost ship

it's a lonely cold world of greasy meanies
and madmen and no less mad women
in the drift of a strong current …

up anchor! into powerlessness
god knows the way of all things
every grain of sand is hand crafted
so i open my arms to the third force
and i put my foot firmly
on the third step
my will is your will

so, my paypal plan did a nose dive after two donations. one for two dollars and another for thirty. that was cool and i was very grateful. but then nothing more. well, my son, jonathan sent me $500 with that button so it is useful. especially for commission payments… so we'll see. it doesn't cost me anything to have it there.