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added the paypal button… have high hopes

or look at the left hand bottom corner for paypal link.

now let's see if anyone will help. if you help with more than $25 i will send you an original drawing from the link:
178 drawings:

several people suggested that i try this paypal button. it's very simple as a donate button.
according to paypal you can send a donation directly to my paypal account for any amount… even a dollar.

yes, this can definitly be considered to be begging. it won't be the first time i've been reduced to begging to survive. and as the mulla said "if i survive this life, i'll be surprised."

go ahead… give it a try… it'll only take a minute.

if i could just get my nose above water with a little help from everyone, it will be a miracle.
don't worry… it's anonymous. i won't broadcast any names in a flurry of gratitude.
i will blog on the success or failure of this last ditch effort.

i've worked my whole life as an artist for next to nothing. now i am sick and cornered and can't afford to be alive.

just send one dollar even…