five things hmmmmm rare information?

in the seventh grade i had to call a fellow student out
to the field of battle. i had warned him and this was the third time
and he did it when i was strolling all cool in the hall with a girl
he messed up my hair again.
we met on the field of honor that day after school
i had to teach him a lesson. after i boxed him for a few minutes
he got a bloody nose.

that's one.

after a long mudfight and beebee gun skirmish
i walked into our house
my brother was behind the door and told me to reach
i reached and my mouth fell open in surprise
he pulled the trigger and to this day i still have a beebee
in my tongue. i had him for a slave for a whole week
if i had told my father it would have been very bad
for him. i kept it a secret.

that's two

i've been arrested about seven times in my life
usually for nothing very important. for example,
i spent about two weeks in the mazatlan 'el grande'
in mexico for swimming naked at the beach.
the eighth time a cop tried to arrest me
i resisted arrest and evaded capture in woodstock, n.y., 1966
and four….
in rockport washington, in 1999 i opened a restaurant
and ran it single-handedly working 22 hours a day for 21 days in
a row. my waitresses were barefoot local teens.
if you want to see the menu of the 'fish in and bluebird gallery'
go to my website.

and finally,
you'd never have guessed this but it's true.
women like me.