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we took off for san francisco to spend the night in 'the haight', haight ashbury, the down and out artistic and homeless community of san francisco, which by the way has some beautiful old victorian houses. we stayed in the lovely and spacious apartment of julie's lifetime friend, marianne who's beginning to look, to me, like gertrude stein.

that night we had dinner at an egyptian restaurant nearby. we were joined by demian and his younger sister adrienne who brought her new boyfriend.

i forgot to mention that julie followed my car and my car suddenly overheated until i was afraid it was going to explode; the gauge was past the red for a long time until i found a place to pull over where there was some shade. after an hour of cooling down and adding water at a rest stop, it heated up again in less than five minutes so we got off the highway at a town called crockett, parked at a restaurant called 'the dead fish' and continued to san francisco… face that tomorrow. we didn't want the car to spoil our plans.

marianne's house was full of antiques. the front hall was decorated with tasteful lithographs which i enjoyed studying. another pull-out bed and another good night's sleep.

next day we had two breakfasts; one with marianne and her friend to celebrate her friend's birthday and then again with adrienne. then we set out to rescue my car. we got to crockett, took the jeep to the mechanic at the crockett gas station and walked around the small town waiting for a call from the mechanic with a diagnosis…. yep, new radiator. $400 i didn't have. julie came up with it and thereby saved my car. the trouble was that they couldn't get the radiator right away and i would have to stay overnight.

we had learned from a waitress while we were having a ginger ale at a local bar that she lived in a little ghost town called port costa which sported a hotel which was a real bordello that had been in business since 1837. when the mechanic mentioned it as the only place to stay overnight near crockett, we investigated. some town: a post office, a bar and a bordello.