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so, the second week of my little vacation had its good points but on the whole turned out to be disastrous to my car and my health and cost my friends a total of $900 to rescue me and my car.

after my camping trip, i had enough money and gas to either get straight back to los angeles or as far as san francisco. one of the purposes of this trip up the coast was to visit the mother of my first child, julie, in chino, about three hours north of san francisco.

my 'chickenshit' self was just whining about the difficulties i might encounter by continuing on, but my courageous but foolhearty side couldn't stand the thought of just quitting, so i forged ahead.

i arrived in 'frisco'in the late afternoon and called one of julie's sons, demian who i had taken care of the first three years of his life. demian was busy with a client and wouldn't be home until 9:00 p.m. so i walked about an hour to 'north beach' looking for some jazz joint i could also get a sandwich at. i had a pastrami sandwich at 'puccini' (thinking of madame butterfly, almost my favorite opera) strange way to choose a place to eat, i know.

later, demian set me up in his guest room with clean sheets on the couch bed which pulls out of the couch. i watched t.v. for a couple of hours and then went to sleep. i got up early. the night before i asked demian if he could spare $200 to finance the rest of the trip to chino and home to l.a.. he was very generous and handed me $500 in crisp twentys and i was off and running. feeling both lucky and grateful. when i got to chico i put $300 in my WAMU account to save on late fees and disconnects which were threatening. i really can't afford to be alive at all.

julie had a guest room at her house and for three days we talked about everything and had some wonderful dinners in the charming college town of chico. we spent some time with her oldest daughter, also julie. the last evening in chico we dined out with her friend from work and went to a concert where taj mahal performed. and everyone was dancing in the aisles…
to be continued,….