memory of river.bmp

gnarly flat white and shiny grey driftwood
hurrah for the blues and greens of the waters
surf pounded round stones jasper and bluegrey green
some white some black and the black birds and white terns

i sing the praises of the energy of cormorants
the military power of a fleet of pelicans,
the clever conferences of those three crows.
now the surf is sounding on a starry moonless night.

the clear water river was deep and pure and cool
the deer were unafraid but wary and so delicate
a man camper awestruck shot with camera trembling
and whispered shhhhhh

and from a height the camera
(too small to take in the size of beauty)
vain as an attempt to capture and keep
that glorious feeling way down deep

and quiet in the the emptyland of center-self
immutable changeless presence expanding
as if to swallow the universe whole
so greedy for life.