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i don't usually get mixed up in politics and i am apolitical but this is an
important aspect of the problems the world is wrestling with today


from move-on.org

On Friday Republican Senator George Allen sunk to a new low. At a

campaign stop the Virginia senator singled out the only non-white

member of the audience–S.R. Sidarth, a young Indian-American

volunteering for his opponent–and called him "macaque" (a racial

slur meaning 'monkey'). He went on to say, "welcome to America." As

it happens, Mr. Sidarth was born and raised in Virginia.

Can you join me in asking the Republican National Committee to

take a stand against these tactics and withdraw support for Sen.

Allen? (You can also watch video of the incident through the link



this is what i wrote:

please take the 'honorable' prefix off when addressing senator

george allen.
to call a citizen a macaque…. to welcome mr sidarth to america

when he has been here all his life just exposes allen to ridicule for

being both bigoted and ignorant himself.

i believe a senator of these united states should have the presence

of mind to watch his words.

if you withdraw your support from him it will be in your best interest.
we wouldn't want the republican party to get a reputation for 20th
century backwardness.

let's just get out of this color problem. it serves no purpose.
it is a rainbow world in case you didn't notice. 'we the people'
recommend that there be no more derogatory remarks by our
leaders referring to any man or woman as inferior relative to his color
or other ethnicity.

All men are created equal. what are you afraid of? face your fears

and…. welcome to the future.