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the lies we tell ourselves and others meld
to form our gossamer selves and cheap thrones

ahhh my friends come with me and smash the icing on the cake
the meat of truth itself holds the substance and the sustenance
engenders the code of true honor and the light of insight
that can carry us through the maze of time and form to awesome conclusion.

then can these unglazed eyes behold with lightning clarity
the naked world which swarms with unclean dreams
and with a knife as sharp as tips of trees of coral with benevolent
charm skin the eyes of all in passing and in body bumping
on the journey to the stars.

don't dream on this my friends but practice with cultured tongues
the preferable devotion of your being to enlightenment….
surely wholesome harmony of the self with the universe which passes
all understanding is a solid platform from which we may ascend.