the chambers of my heart

my heart is divided into four chambers
one for elan the breath
one for me and one for you
all of you broken beings (and whole ones too)
the last extracurricular chamber
i dedicate to all that is beyond my understanding

the breath of life will leave me
and, like it or not, all that i call me
will turn to dust or ashes
and all i leave behind will please me not a whit

but the chamber which holds my soul, my mind,
my spirit, my beloved ego, my divine essence, my escape pod,
will either burrow into the dark side of the moon
an exile of failed intentions and squandered birthright.
or, with the light of divine imagination
live on in grave expectant harmony with the all
unseen but known and treasured escapee from death's grim grasp.

i can't help the eager willingness to fix your broken wing
or charge your rundown battery with my excess.
i love to love you
sublime hope is spurting from this ventricle
gorged with the results of my strivings.
we are in the kidney of the solar system
and need each other more than the river needs the rain.

the final chamber of my heart
lives on the fine material of the mystery
and pumps questions not answers through my brain
so when i tune my seeing to right between
my eyes and ears and visions in transit there
i have a mind desire and will to live forever
and serve a higher purpose than my misery or this joy.
I_ArtMan 7/8/06