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last night morpheus showed me
a sage vision of dear venice
the sheer weight of stone groaning
on a sponge of soft wood and marsh silt

the salty sea, the adriatic
mindlessly disolving priceless works of art

the canary gasps for air
i heard it clearly
listen closely you indolent gang of billionaire phillistines
can you really breathe the methane gas with gusto?

lend a hand here you self obsessed monsters
in your megalith towers
the whole world is sinking
and stinking with sins of opulence and decay.

and another thing… ‘move on dot org’ asked me to write a letter’
i am by nature apolitical but i had to take a stab at this one.

the letter is to the los angeles times. the subject is that bush will cut funding for public television and radio in two years.totally.

dear editor,

“our government blithely hands over a trillion dollars to fund a ridiculous war but we can’t spare a few billions for education and truth?

this is almost unbelievable. who is running this country anyway? i feel like a stranger here. what has happened to integrity? what has happened to our highest hopes?

now we are the big bully on the block.
we are a headless hydra if we cannot support the arts and intelligent programs for children.

this is the beginning of ‘newspeak’. please read “brave new world” by aldous huxley again and “1984” by george orwell.

these fictitious prophesies are materializing right before our astonished eyes. bush will fiddle while ‘rome’ burns.

pretty soon, people will begin to be punished for speaking the truth. we must have a non-profit source of television and radio.”

thankyou for reading,
scott cumming (I_ArtMan)