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when to the dangerous confines of my mind

i find myself enamoured of myself

so pleased with this or that encounter

stand poised for some glory or disaster

which must follow a grandiose delusion of my worth

i must with grim determination

look to my faults and send a truer version of the whole

to the command center housed in my ivory skull (military intelligence)

then, when i superimpose the negative, newly developed,

and count the failures, glaring inconsistencies, and shortcomings and mini-crimes of thought

i am disillusioned and free to sense the urgency to use what little force i have

with little or no expectation of reward, and i find myself in a smaller place

where the scale of spheres of being beyond my ignorant laziness astounds me

luckily, i am encouraged to redouble efforts from the heart and entreat god for the power to do some good.