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welcome the dawn

as sunshine sprays the trees with golden light,

inspires a warrior

with keen insight,

saves the nation from its plight.

these are the gifts of god…

like cows and chickens,

a friendly nod

honey and spice and the valiant horse

that speeds us on a noble course

oh! the thrill of scents in the garden of the sunwarmed rose

these and more…

yes and love

come from above

so i thank god that i can see and be

a human in his mystery.

too bad the devil has strewn the barefoot path

with shards of broken glass

beware! and remember…

the devil is an ass.

the bird of sweetest virtue known

whose gracious gifts

the world has sown

she's all good women

clean as gold

all paragons of beauty as ancient poets told.

so, every gentle man must know the recipe for love to grow.

cherish love…. love's candle forever burn

let passion's fires ebb and flow

and you will never wayward go.

expect nothing in return but

give love consciously… let go

and one more for good measure.