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i've been busy busy busy… getting ready for the boardwalk season. printing and framing and painting new stuff. for the last month i've just been setting up my portable gallery of prints and originals on sundays only.

i only did one pencil portait in four sundays which proves that the season hasn't really started yet.

but two weeks ago a lady came up to me with a project i just had to take. over the years she had had four dogs who had died and she had gone the whole length of the boardwalk looking for an artist who would paint her dogs in dog heaven playing cards. she had a print of the famous coolidge painting called 'the bluff'.she had talked to ten fine artists and they all turned it down. i'm the last artist, #204, on the santa monica end of the 'free speech' zone.

my friend and fellow artist bill tomkins, who sets up next to me, wanted $1500 to do it. i explained to her that the reason why everyone was asking so much was that they didn't want to do it, but they would try if the money were right.

anyway i took the commission for $50 down and $150 on completion in two weeks. i did a little research and drew a pencil portrait of each dog from the snapshots she gave me. i scanned them at 400 % and drew from the monitor. i don't usually work from photographs because the results can be very lifeless. but i got to know the dogs' personalities from the photos. so i messed with a few compositions and finally signed it about half an hour after she came to pick it up on the boardwalk last sunday.

my patroness liked it very much and gave me a $10 tip over the balance due. so i was happy.
here it is… it's called "angels at play"