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today is my lucky day. a production designer came to my house and rented some paintings and equipment. there's nothing in writing. i just gave him everything he required.

i had written an informal contract referring to the elements and that they must be returned this coming friday after the shoot. he wouldn't sign anything. i was just thinking here i've given him four paintings and a half finished one painted yesterday to order. (above)he called yesterday and one of the things he wanted was any painting that wasn't finished for a background prop.

my studio was raining which is rare for los angeles so at first i had to say i didn't have one.
but then i thought what the hell, i haven't been able to paint naked for about ten years,i'll just give it a go. and set up to paint in my tiny 9 foot by 11 foot room. i put a large board on my bed and set up my easel… there was room enough, it worked and it was a hoot… made me happy to just whip one off like that. i composed a painting on the fly and stopped short of finishing. *painticus interuptus….

anyway, even though he handed me a crisp one hundred dollar bill and insulted me with "bet you haven't seen one of these for a while." and promised more when he submitted a bill to the movie company, i was a little pissed that he didn't say how much. they treat you like children. but i am grateful to be used at least.

but what if he were to die in a car crash racing to his mountain 'shoot'? i would lose about six hundred dollars worth of brushes, about three hundred dollars in colors and another two hundred in other equipment he borrowed. not to mention the five paintings. it's so unbusiness-like; of him i mean. i tried. he wouldn't sign my short list.

painting on the deck of the 'fish' in rockport washington