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sitting here not knowing what to say is hard. i’ve been thinking about art in connection with happiness but i hesitate to share my ideas on this subject because the nature of my love of art is so subjective.

so let the disclaimer be… this is just the way it is for me.
art is not a job for me. i do it because i am driven by a desire to produce something of my own. it makes me happy.

furthermore, it is a life-time interest and i will paint until i die… it’s like food. i need food everyday. i need to work every day.

it’s like i am not enough. but in the groove so to speak… drawing or painting, mylife takes on a meaning that satisfies me…. makes me happy.

haleakala crater, maui

that’s it that’s all there is to it. the rest is all bullshit.

if you want to be happy for the rest of your life… become a gardener, or an artist.
i am everyman
great and small
my heart is invested
in the lives of us all
I_ArtMan 2/10/2006 midnight