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in my early teens i was a guest at an expensive whorehouse in mexico city. anything we wanted we could have. i just stayed high on acapulco gold and dabbled in exotic liquors. i was only fifteen so i was nothing more than a mascot to the ladies but looking back it was like being in the garden of allah, the legendary place of the 'hashishins' or the boudoir of sheherezad.

wow, i can hardly believe i have been doing this for a whole year. it's been a great find for me. i don't think i would have been interested in doing this if it hadn't been for the superiority of opera, the browser itself.

i went back and read my first entries… many complaints about internet explorer. you don't see me complaining about opera.

using opera is forcing me to learn more about programs. i know i will never spend the time necessary to be proficient or a geek as they say but i am being seduced by my natural curiosity to know more. who knows… everything happens.

so, like i always say… i'll stick around as long as i am still interested.
as a special commemoration to my opera initiation i am unveiling one of twenty illustrations i have made to illustrate stories the buddha told about his past lives. this particular one i call the pearl necklass. the boddhisattva appears as the captain of the guards.