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Alas that we don't value the body as much as the mind.
i think that it's not so much a problem of transcending in our minds
but of harmonizing our two natures.

the kernel of the pithiest hindu ideas gives great importance to

action. boil down the mahabharata, then distill the bhagavad gita

and you have that we are compelled to act by circumstances inherent

in our worldly identity. and our choices often contradict our spiritual


chuang-tzu, the genius of the absurd, said "if it weren't for the body,

there'd be no problem." this is a favorite quote of mine. it's a shock

to the head; as strong a shock as martin buber’s “we are a spirit

having a physical experience.”, that’s exquisite

but think about it. without resistance transformation of being is

impossible. Throw out struggle and you throw the baby out with the

bath water.

why live?

maybe we are here to do something.

i say to myself…
"your dissatisfaction should be nourished.
find out for yourself is the best suggestion."
for those of us who need to examine our lives.
be sure i don't mean to analyze myself. there's no glimpse of mystery
there. but real observations can lead to understanding.
i have no faith either… i think faith is a gimmic.

you are alive that's the miracle.
now, how do i wish to live?