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Once when the tiny fine hairs of my temple frantically beat the barrel of a snub-nosed .38 I knew why it was not the right time to make a permanent end to a life which had become too uncomfortable to bear.

Micro and macro

The whole universe is god from big to small
Urge enmeshed inertia from the start
Chaos jitterbugs with order and we are born
God has no choice… evolve or die

Thanatos gorges on putrid flesh
The horror of light devouring darkness
An error of perception
From my partial point of view

My eyes are warped and wandering
Meandering is the code of accident
Like a young stream cuts through
The soft green meadow

My winding peregrinations
Will not be efficient unless my aim is to cut rocks
And flow uphill
As water is not comfortable with change
I am not comfortable in this body
the yin

now for the yang.
One day i expressed my freedom…. played hooky from my john job. Shhh life. believe me alone.

The drifter drifting
cool green water and the summer air
an easy breeze
and full of cheese bread and red heady wine
i lay dreaming
sans body sans care
my little boat drifting here and there
under a whispering tree
i found oblivion there

pilgrim of the waves

there's a small barq
i set my heart on
which, if all else fails
i'll buy
and set upon the lonely sea
a pilgrim of the waves